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As an expert manufacturer, MoreBulb offer high quality Custom Led Bulb solutions to accelerate your Brands expansion and maxmize your profit!

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What we can provide?

Our factory can produce Led bulb , Led filanment bulb, Led Fluorescent tube ,Rechargeable Led bulb , Led panel light , Oven bulb , Fridge bulb etc.

From essential items to unique treasures, we deliver value without middleman markups. Experience exceptional quality and unbeatable prices with us. Your search for cost-effective solutions ends here.

Globe  Led Bulb G95  12W 15W

Classic LED Bulb

Flexible Led filament bulb 5W

LED Filament Bulb

Led Panel Lamp

Led tube Light

How to produce your bulb?

Bulbs test laboratory

Sample test before production

Before massive production, we have to do sample test . It ensures product quality and specification accuracy. Validate your choice with us and proceed confidently towards successful production.


LEDs Mounted

This technology allows us to guarantee exceptional performance, enhanced efficiency, and the long lifespan of our LED products. With SMT, we ensure each LED chip is mounted to perfection, enabling optimal light output and quality for every product.


Bulbs Assembling

Our facility boasts five automated production lines dedicated to assembling LED bulbs. From chip placement to final assembly, our automated processes ensure each LED bulb we produce meets the highest standards, all while maintaining consistent output to fulfill your needs swiftly and reliably.


100% Glow Test

This process involves powering up and illuminating the LED bulbs on our aging line for a specific duration. The test is designed to identify any potential early-life failures and ensure the longevity and consistent performance of our bulbs. By conducting this glow test, we ensure that every LED bulb you receive from us stands up to our promise of durability and superior performance.



Each LED bulb is carefully inspected and securely packaged to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. Our packaging is designed to offer maximum protection against physical impacts during transit, while also being easy to open upon arrival. We prioritize the safety and presentation of our products, to deliver an excellent unboxing experience alongside top-tier quality.



Upon shipment, you'll receive tracking information to monitor your package's journey from our factory directly to your door. We cater to both domestic and international orders, going the extra mile to ensure your products arrive in perfect condition, wherever you are in the world. Our goal is to make your shipping experience as smooth and convenient as your shopping one.


Why Choose Us ?

Strong capacity

With 5 automatic production line and 115 skilled workers ensure your every regular order ship in 30 days.

2 years Warranty

We stand by our high-quality LED products with a comprehensive 2-year warranty. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Customizable Solutions

Not one-size-fits-all! With MoreBulb, get LED solutions tailored to your unique needs. Plus, with our low minimum order quantity, we cater to businesses of all sizes..

Private Logo

We offer customization options, including adding your private logo to our top-quality LED bulbs. Make your mark with us.

What about our clients say?

"I'm truly impressed by the quality and pricing of the products. I am working with MoreBulb for more than 8 years .Thanks to their good cooperation .They help us to grow year by year. A very trustable partner. I strongly recommend them."
John Raine
”Every 3 monts , we will order 2 containers Led bulbs from Morebulb company.During past 3 years, we have no complaints.Due to their stable quanlity control and favorable pirce, I've been able to offer my customers great value, and they appreciate it. This is a relationship I see going long-term。“
Denis Tyschenko
Commercial Director
My experience has been nothing short of remarkable. The wide range of products, prompt delivery, and customer support are fantastic. But what stands out is the price point - being able to get products directly from the factory has made a huge difference in my operational costs. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to increase their business profitability." !"
Marcel Ferreira
Purchase manage
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Stats in Our Factory

Our Certificate

Our products proudly bear the CE, RoHS, and ETL certifications, each a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and environmental responsibility.

The CE mark indicates conformity with standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). The RoHS compliance guarantees our products are free from harmful substances, ensuring their safe use and disposal. The ETL mark confirms that our products meet North American safety standards.

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