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Buy smart LED lamps wholesale for wireless control

Technology has already penetrated our homes, making rigid things customizable and easier to control. And lamps are no exception. Our smart LED light bulbs comprise extended illumination options, WiFi-compatible functionality, and user-friendliness. From comfortable reading spots to festive color-adjustable lighting, our Internet-enabled units are best for those trying to make their places smarter with technology.

Morebulb is a smart LED light distributor for 5W and 10W bulbs that can be added to your home illumination system. With over three decades of perfecting our lighting solutions, we have developed a range of units for indoor use. Our lights are easily operated via a smartphone and paired with smart home apps as WiFi-enabled solutions to set up the required brightness level, color palette, and dimming using in-app or voice commands.

Moreover, our innovative lamps are technology-enhanced for ultra-low energy consumption, resistance, and versatility. They use proven bases – such as GU10 or E27 – and hold up to frequent use and customization.

What’s better than installing smart LED lamps and enjoying our wholesale pricing per unit? Whether you are interested in several bulbs to eliminate poorly lit areas in your rooms or a wholesale batch for a more spacious facility, Morebulb is here to meet your needs.

Switch to smart LED bulbs by Morebulb

LED lighting has forever changed the perception of home and smart lighting. Not only are these bulbs ergonomic and versatile, but they are more energy-efficient when compared to traditional units. This is not to mention everything you can get with our 5W and 10W smart LED lamps:

  • Impressive color range composed of 16 million colors
  • Fine-tuning options for timing, delaying, and dimming
  • Seamless operation thanks to reliable materials
  • Distant control
  • Up to 700 Lm brightness
  • Wide coverage areas

For voice control and adjustability, our lighting can be integrated into Amazon Echo and Google Home. Like managing your other home appliances, you can just say it when you want to activate your lamps, modify the brightness, or sync them with your occupation.

Buy smart LED bulbs with unique features

At Morebulb, we are proud to be innovators in LED lighting technology. Through years in this business, we have scaled our presence to global coverage to meet the needs of enterprises, small firms, and residential buildings when it comes to adjustable, efficient, and customizable lighting solutions.

As a smart LED bulb manufacturer, we can add area-specific or project-specific features to our 5W and 10W lamps. This is available as part of our OEM service and can be discussed on individual terms. Hit us up to learn more about OEM conditions, customization options, and prices for smart LED lights. We are looking forward to shedding light on your inquiries and helping you step into the new age of innovative lighting and home technology.

The monthly output of LED lamps by Morebulb is 200,000 pieces, given that your inquiries are linked to our standard bulbs and characteristics. Custom lamps and illumination features may require additional time to be created.

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