Emergency Light Bulb

Emergency LED bulbs for life-saving illumination

You never know when an emergency will strike, but when it does, reliable lighting can make all the difference. Our rechargeable light bulbs provide instant illumination exactly when and where you need it most, no matter whether electricity is currently available.

Our energy-efficient bulbs are tough to withstand natural disasters and smart to power you through any situation that leaves you in the dark. They are equipped with built-in rechargeable batteries and sensors that detect when the power is cut and automatically turn on the lamps powered by the energy they store.

7W-24W emergency light bulbs for sale

For emergency lighting, brighter is always better. With a power consumption of 7W to 24W, the luminous flux of Morebulb’s rechargeable units starts from 220 lumens, which is enough to light a small room. Higher-lumen bulbs – 480-530 – are best for stairways, basements, and garages. Our most advanced LEDs can pump out 700 lumens, turning night into day during a critical situation.

Our rechargeable LED bulbs fit in standard light sockets, making them versatile globally for E26 and E27. The color temperature of all units is 6000K, and their cool white output is seamless for covering various emergency signs with light.

During regular operation, the batteries in our bulbs stay charged while they are on, making them ready for an outage. All you have to do is get the piece in place, turn it on, and get a backup glow whenever the power fails.

More detailed applications of our rechargeable emergency bulbs

In addition to practical advantages for households – no more fumbling around with flashlights or candles trying to understand what happened – businesses can also be better off with emergency lighting. You can install our bulbs for exit signs, pathways, and work areas so that your operations are uninterrupted during an electricity failure.

Our rechargeable LED bulbs are also ideal for lighting lots, construction areas, and potentially dangerous spots that require never-failing illumination. Because they are weather-resistant, they work well at festivals, for roadworks, and in other situations where temporary outdoor lighting is essential. Besides, they can provide backup lighting in case of an accident to let you assess the problem and call for help or evacuate if needed.

With Morebulb’s emergency LEDs installed in major locations throughout your outdoor areas, you know battery backup lighting is always available in an urgent situation. From there, you can follow your safety protocols or help first responders.

About Morebulb

Morebulb is an emergency LED bulb manufacturer and wholesale supplier dedicated to continuous innovation in rechargeable light technology. Our engineers are steadily improving all the bulbs for sale to make your life safer and more predictable.

Our developments invariably undergo three-stage laboratory testing to ensure maximum reliability and are supported by numerous certificates. What’s more, our accumulated expertise allows us to enhance our processes and thus set low prices for self-charging bulbs

Be fully prepared for any electricity cut. Ask for a quote for top-of-the-range emergency LED bulbs at prices guaranteed to fit your bill.

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