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As a kind of indoor light, you could see led light bulbs anywhere.They are widely used in your home, office, warehouse,hallway etc. A lot of lighting fixture need a light bulb as its light source.  MoreBulb, as a  premium Led Light Bulb manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China. We are dedicated to provide sustainable light bulbs for your projects.

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Choose Any Led Bulbs for Your Project

As a professional Led Light Bulb Manufacturer, MoreBulb produce a wide range of Led Light Bulbs. From A shape to T shape ,From 1W  to 80W, We can do what you want. 

We produce High Lumens Efficiency Led bulbs up to 160Lm/W. It is suit for very high quality light requirements. A60 bulb is often designed with max 1100lm. Our A60 bulb can reach 2300Lm.

We design dimmable lamp for high power up to 35W. They can match most of dimmer in the market. No flicker when you are dimming the light.

We make what you want. Your right Partner is here!

Standard Led Bulb

High Power Led Bulb

High Lumen A60 14W 1521Lm

Dimmable Led bulb

smart LED lamps

Smart Led Bulb

Custom service for your project

Our factory offers a comprehensive range of customization services to meet your specific needs.

We can customize product shapes, specific lumens value, mould development,and Integrating sphere test service. Additionally, we provide custom packaging design , your private Logo and various packaging methods to suit your requirements.

Our goal is to deliver products that perfectly match your expectations.

Mould development

Circuit diagram design

Packing method

Graphics design

All Your Light Bulbs Are Cerfitied!

Every light bulb undergoes rigorous pre-production testing, in-production sampling inspections, and after-production aging tests. All our products can meet with international standards and have obtained relevant certifications.

Our Test Laboratory


Partnering with Us is Your Best Decision

Here are some glowing reviews from our satisfied clients. Listen to their experiences and you’ll be convinced that partnering with us is the best choice you can make.

FAQ about Led Light Bulb

What kind of Led bulb do you produce?

We produce standard Led bulb A shape, Candle shape,Golbe shape,T shape, R series and PAR lamp .

What kind of package can you provide?

We can pack the bulbs with color box, or blister card ,or dispaly box.

What is the color temperature can you produce?

We usually produce 2700K , 3000K ,4000K and 6000K.

How long is your order leading time?

Within 30 days .

What is the wattage of your light bulbs ?

Our bulb wattage is from 1W to 80W . You can freely design your wattage.

Can you put private Logo on bulb?

Yes, we can print your Logo on bulb and package.

What is the lumens efficiency of your light bulbs ?

From 80lm/W ,up to 160Lm/W. We can design the brightness according to your requirement.

What kind of payment method do you accept?

30% TT in advance, balance against documents copy .

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