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Are you a hotelier or a restaurateur? A retailer looking to drive profits by improving the look of your commercial places? A community representative searching for cost-effective and environmentally friendly indoor lighting? Morebulb welcomes you! We are a LED filament bulb manufacturer ruling the roost in the lamp-making industry with the latest LED technology. Check out what we can produce for you.

LED filament bulb supplier that helps you achieve better illumination

We have been into various types of LED filament light bulbs since 2010. Now, we can produce 150,000 pieces per month and export them globally. 

Because lamp quality is our highest priority, we consistently exceed industry requirements to ensure that Morebulb lamps shine well and efficiently for your business and customers. All our filament LEDs:

  • Feature LED strips developed by Morebulb 
  • Are subjected to testing and controls before, during, and after production by our QC department
  • Are produced in compliance with international certificates and global illumination standards

Filament-type LED bulb is the latest development in LED technology

Unlike traditional LEDs that use a chip to produce light, filament LEDs glow thanks to special-purpose wires that get heated as you turn them on. It makes them similar to light bulbs with a nostalgic take on illumination. Still, these lights use LED filament technology to emit warmer, more natural, and more inviting light, which is always a feast for the eyes.

Our filament LEDs are sold in various voltage configurations and can last up to 20,000 hours. They are made to double the efficiency of ordinary bulbs, meaning your business and customers can save significant money on bills. Besides, they are made of biodegradable materials and contain no mercury, lead, or other harmful chemicals or metals.

As for LED filament bulb prices, they may initially seem higher than those for traditional lights. That’s only an illusion, though. Factor in the practical savings and lifespan of LEDs to see how profitable this investment is in the long term.

Morebulb options for OEM orders

In our assortment, you can find three types of light bulbs with LED filaments:

  • Transparent – These are all-around bulbs for less demanding applications in terms of visual appeal. They emit neutrally adorable white light.
  • Frosted – This type is associated with softer, diffused light that is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Colored – If you are looking for accent lighting solutions, our colored filament LEDs are made to transform any ambiance.

Besides, you can choose from various shapes of Morebulb lamps that impeccably fit all fixtures: 

  • A-shape
  • T-shape
  • Candle-shape
  • Globe-shape
  • St-shape

Our bulbs can be made with dimmable functionality for subdued intimate lighting. This works like a charm for restaurants, terraces, coffee shops, and bars.

If you opt for wholesale LED filament bulbs and have specific illumination and filament design requirements, let us know. All items can be customized.

Invest in Morebulb high-tech filament LED lamps to get units that pay off handsomely after a few months of use!

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