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Is there room for out-of-season growth in your greenhouse or garden? With vertical folding bars by Morebulb, there always is. Our LED grow lights for sale can boost growth in indoor plants that do not receive sufficient sunlight or may be damaged by exposing them to the elements.

This type of illumination gives your greenery the right amount of light to help it access the nutrients to flourish without wasting energy or generating too much heat. Сooler temperatures, in turn, make the job of workers in your indoor growing spaces less taxing. With our LED grow solutions, they will never worry about hazardous materials like mercury that other lamps may contain.

The features of Morebulb LED grow lights

With our LEDs, you can better manage your vertical farming or greenhouse. You can precisely adjust them from different angles to mimic the illumination your plants require. By adjusting light intensity depending on the plant species and growth cycle, you can achieve lusher and healthier greenery.

Buy LED grow lights made by Morebulb for: 

  • Prolific results. Within a specific frequency, our foldable bars produce brighter light for enhanced growth without burning or wilting risks for your plants. They make photosynthesis happen even faster than in natural light, giving your garden beauties an extra boost toward blossom time.
  • Longer-lasting bars. Our pendant lights hold up to indoor uses and multiple daily adjustments. What’s more, Morebulb solutions are backed with Certificates of Compliance from the LED grow light manufacturer.
  • Lower energy consumption. Our LED bars emit more light per watt than other sources without creating artificial heat or dryness conditions that may be devastating for your plants. As a result, your electricity bills will plummet, and your flowers and other greenery will flourish.

Lighting spectrum that bodes well for growth

The spectrum of illumination can make or break your plants. Our LED grow lamps are full-spectrum, so you have more wavelength adjustment options than with basic pendant bars. While the Red mode can take the growth cycle up a notch, the Blue one can be enabled for bright illumination paired with energy efficiency. The preset combination gives your plants balanced light exposure without overstressing them. 

Full-spectrum illumination works like a charm for most out-of-season indoor plants. But our lights are more than that: 

  • 10% to 100% dimmable with multiple switch modes
  • Flexible and adjustable with 360-degree goosenecks
  • Configurable in the vertical position to set the distance between light and plants

When you grow plants with LED lights, knowing how to maintain a favorable growth environment is the name of the game. Our bars have automated switch technology and pre-programmed timers that can help you ensure your plants receive consistent light throughout the day/night. You can also connect them to your indoor illumination control system.

Grow lights for your business

Do you run a large agricultural enterprise? Contact us for a quote. As a manufacturer, we offer custom options for OEM orders and negotiable prices for LED grow lights wholesale.

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