PAR38 Plant Grow Light

Nurture your plants with the magic of our PAR38 LED Grow Light Bulb!
Specially designed to optimize plant growth,  with E27 or E26 lamp holder .It is easy for you to install this light bulb.
This bulb emits the perfect spectrum of light,ensuring your greens get the care they deserve. Whether you’re an indoor gardening enthusiast or a professional grower, this LED bulb ensures efficient energy consumption while promoting robust plant health. Illuminate your plants’ potential and watch them flourish! Ideal for hydroponics, greenhouses, or your living room garden. Grow greener with PAR38! 🌱💡

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Type of cover

Aluminium +Iron +PC


LED smd

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Product details

Type  PAR38 Plant Grow Light
Power supply AC85-265V
Spectrum Full Spectrum :warm white +Blue 460nm+UV 395nm
+Red 620nm-660nm +IR 740nm
Watt 26W
Led Chip  200 pcs
Power factor  0.65
Beam angle   120 degree
Color Red , Blue, warm white
Lamp  size 120 ×120mm
box size 65*65*27.5CM/50pcs

Product Overview:
Introducing the cutting-edge PAR38 LED Plant Grow Light—the epitome of horticultural lighting technology. Engineered in China’s top LED bulb factory, this light sets a new benchmark for indoor growers and horticultural enthusiasts alike.

Full Spectrum for Full Growth:
Every plant needs just the right kind of light to thrive. Our PAR38 LED Grow Light offers a full spectrum of lighting, ensuring your plants absorb the necessary wavelengths at every growth stage, from seeding to flowering.

Key Features:

  1. Energy-Efficient: Harness the power of LED technology. Consume less energy while delivering the optimal lumens required for plant growth.
  2. Long-Lasting: With a lifespan significantly longer than conventional grow lights, the PAR38 ensures uninterrupted growth cycles.
  3. Cool Operation: LED technology ensures the bulb remains cool, avoiding any risk of overheating your delicate plants.
  4. Versatility: Whether you’re nurturing a small herb garden in your kitchen or running a large-scale hydroponic system, this light adjusts to every need.

Why Choose PAR38 LED Plant Grow Light?
Commitment to Quality: Crafted in one of China’s leading LED factories, every bulb passes rigorous quality checks, guaranteeing stellar performance.

Sustainable Growth: Reduce your carbon footprint with our eco-friendly LED solutions. Grow green in every sense of the word.

Tailored for Horticulture: Through meticulous research and development, the PAR38 LED Grow Light is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of indoor plants.

Indoor plant growers, hydroponic farming enthusiasts, and horticultural experts—unlock unprecedented growth and yield with the PAR38 LED Plant Grow Light. Experience the future of indoor farming with our advanced, energy-efficient, and sustainable lighting solution. Order now and elevate your indoor gardening game.

With the PAR38 LED Plant Grow Light, you’re not just investing in a product; you’re investing in unparalleled quality, sustainability, and the future of indoor plant growth technology. Let’s shine a light on a brighter, greener future together.

For those passionate about plants, the path to optimal growth is clear—PAR38 LED Plant Grow Light. Embrace the future of horticulture today!

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