Flexible Led filament bulb 5W

ST64 flexible LED filament bulb

If you were ever tasked with taking care of illumination that radiates warmth and classiness, you would only consider this bulb. The ST64 LED filament bulb is designed to immerse your spaces in an inviting glow, whether you’re enhancing the charm of a restaurant, commercial lounge area, or residential place.

The key features of this bulb boil down to a visually appealing, soothing glow that won’t come at a cost. Once it casts its illumination power, the ST64 sets the perfect atmosphere unaffected by harsh lighting. You can even dim it if its 400 lumens are too powerful for the occasion. The bulb consumes 5W and is cheaper to run than most 400-Lm units.

This bulb is a nice addition to numerous lighting fixtures, including chandeliers, decorative lamps, and sconces. It is compatible with both E26 and E27 bases, so you can put it in place to elevate the existing illumination or set up a new realm of ambiance.

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St shape

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vintage glass




LED stripes filament

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Product details


Type  ST64
Volt 110-130V/220-240v
Watt 5W
Lumens 400Lm
Equivalent 40W incandescent bulb
Color temperature 2200K warm white
Base E26/E27
Dimmable Yes
Body material Glass
Diameter  64mm
Height  135mm

When beauty and efficiency meet

Don’t be surprised to notice a 90% reduction in your bills. The ST64 flexible LED filament bulb proves that incandescent solutions have never been more impractical by pushing energy consumption to its lowest end. The best savings-oriented strategy is to replace all your old bulbs with our ST64 units, adopt thrifty dimming practices, and use them only when necessary.

That said, the ST64 bulb remains as beautiful as you would expect from a 5-star hotel illumination solution. Made of premium-quality glass, this bulb adds a touch of grace when it’s off and tons of refinement when it’s on. Its tubular design and flexible LEDs are there for good reason.

Illuminate it with sophistication and efficiency, one ST64 5W bulb at a time. Request a quote for individual applications or wholesale quantities.


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