Clear ST26 Pigmy bulb 3W E14 dimmable

Clear glass Pigmy LED filament bulb with E14 base with super high lumens. Good dimmable capacity .No flicker . It can be used for special light fixture and refrigerator.

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T shape



Type of cover

Clear glass


LED stripes filament

Intended use




Product details

Type  ST26
Voltage 110-130V/220-240V
Watt  3W
Lumens  230 Lm
Equivalent 25W incandescent bulb
Color temperature 2700K
Base E14
Dimmable Yes
Beam Angle  360°
Diameter  26mm
Height  56mm


Buy the ST26 Pigmy bulb (dimmable)

The ST26 Pigmy bulb is the perfect lighting solution for indoor use and savings! With its impressive dimming features, this clear-glass LED filament bulb can notch up to 86% less in your bills and shine uninterruptedly.

This T-bulb isn’t for general lighting. You can order the ST26 Pigmy dimmable bulb online for special-purpose fixtures or as a flicker-free illumination source for refrigerators.

Shining features:

  • Clear and dimmable. The ST26 Pigmy unit boasts lucid illumination that can be regulated on a whim. Adjust it to create the right setting and meet your efficiency needs without harsh, glaring lights.
  • E14 base. This bulb is synonymous with versatility because it never has fitting issues indoors. The E14 base means you are not confused with installation or replacement.
  • Luminous power. By emitting 230 lumens, this small yet mighty bulb ensures your space is brilliantly lit. Its 360° beam angle guarantees uniform lighting without dark spots and shadows.
  • Energy-efficient. With only 3W of power consumption, the ST26 Pigmy bulb delivers remarkable efficiency for 86% savings on your energy bills.
  • Eco-friendly. It doesn’t hit the environment with mercury or lead. It has no harmful or dubious materials and is a safe, sustainable lighting option.
  • Customizable color temperature. Tailor the lighting to your preferences with color temperatures ranging from 2200K to 6500K, available upon request.

ST26 Pigmy dimmable bulbs in wholesale quantities

Are you interested in purchasing the ST26 bulb in bulk? We offer never-before-seen wholesale pricing to meet your needs for retail applications, distribution, or interior design projects. With worldwide shipping, you can have ST26 units in any place.

This T-bulb has been tested. The radiance of its efficiency is guaranteed by Morebulb as an ST26 3W Pigmy dimmable bulb manufacturer. To check it out yourself, you can order a test batch as a free sample.

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