A60 Led filament bulb

May the charm of vintage lighting ooze with the versatile A60 LED bulb. This energy-efficient bulb, coupled with dimmable capabilities and a warm white lumen output, stylishly outshines its traditional incandescent counterparts.

Buy the A60 LED filament bulb for exceptional warmth and comfort. Contact us today to learn more about our wholesale terms and wattage options.

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A shape



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Clear glass


LED stripes filament

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Product details

1.CE/ETL approved Dimmable LED A19 Edison Light Bulb .

2. 4W , 6W , 8W is available .

3. Energy saving 86% , low power consumption.

4. No mercury , No leads , Clear Glass with high Transmittance.

5 .Led Filament Bulb A60  is the Best replacement for old A60  incandescent bulb .

6 .Widely used in bedroom , living room ,dinning room etc .

A60 filament bulbs – The combination of classic style and innovation

The A60 LED bulb is the perfect blend of vintage design and cutting-edge technology. As a leading A60 LED filament bulb manufacturer, we’ve enhanced this bulb with an array of premium, eco-friendly features tailored to your diverse requirements. 

Choose a sustainable, energy-efficient A60 lighting solution with an inviting glow to upgrade your lighting. With Morebulb as your A60 filament bulb supplier, you can transform your space and benefit from 4W, 6W, and 8W configurations. This certified adjustable LED bulb comes in different power levels, reducing energy use by up to 86%.

Our wholesale A60 filament bulb can accommodate the needs of style-conscious homeowners and forward-thinking businesses seeking energy-efficient and aesthetically appealing lighting solutions. This low-power consumption bulb reduces not only your carbon footprint but also your energy bills. It is manufactured without mercury or lead, featuring clear glass with high transmittance for optimal light output. In addition, it boasts a long-lasting lifespan and exceptional energy efficiency, making it a worthwhile investment.

Enhance the ambiance of any space with our adaptable A60 bulbs. The thoughtfully crafted design and characteristics of these bulbs make them ideal for elevating the atmosphere in various places, such as:

  • Coffee shops 
  • Quaint B&Bs
  • Inviting reading nooks
  • Comfortable family spaces
  • Residential areas

Buying the A60 LED filament bulb gives you a superior product that seamlessly combines style and function. Its unique charm helps create a welcoming and delightful environment for all to enjoy.

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