Colored Bulbs LED G45 1W E27

Colored Bulbs LED 1W E27 G45 Lighting Bulbs is a direct replacement for indoor reflector bulbs and is ideal to illuminate residential and commercial areas where incandescent and halogen reflectors are typically used in recessed or track lighting. This energy-efficient dimmable product is instant-on, fully dimmable,

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Type  G45
Volt 110-130V/220-240V
Watt 1W
Lumens 80Lm
Equivalent 15W  incandescent bulb
Color temperature Red,Green,Blue,Yellow
Base E27 E26 B22
Dimmable No
Beam Angle   360°
Diameter  1.77 inches
Height  2.67inches

Colored LED G45 bulbs for sale

White lights are too mundane. Why not buy colored LED G45 bulbs to unlock a kaleidoscope of ambiance enhancement options for your residential space? Watch it transform as the lights define your zones, set the mood, and accentuate the interior.

You don’t have to renovate your space upside down to make it more inviting. Replacing lights may be enough, especially if you add flamboyant hues with Morebulb’s colored LED bulbs. They are the perfect fusion of sturdy fixtures and creative illumination to jazz up your bedroom, party, or get-together.

Soaring energy bills? All Morebulb products are designed to keep them in check. Order colored LED G45 bulbs with 1W power consumption and enjoy vibrancy without worrying you will have to pay for it later. 

Our colored LEDs are matchless in terms of versatility. You can install them for:

  • Color-themed rooms. Designate each room with a different theme to evoke unique atmospheres. These G45 bulbs come with a full spectrum of hues, allowing you to experiment with color combinations. Turn your bedroom into a serene site with calming blues or greens, or transform your living room into a vibrant gathering space with warm yellows and reds.
  • Accent lighting. To create a captivating ambiance, screw our 2.67’’ bulbs into standard E26/E27 sockets. They are small enough to add intrigue and charm to your indoor spaces and accentuate your interior without being an eyesore or overcomplicating the room.
  • Themed parties. Make your events unforgettable with themed lighting. Coordinate the colored LED G45 bulbs for sale with your concept and create a truly immersive atmosphere. From disco nights to special-occasion celebrations, there’s no shortage of colors that look just right.

These lights are 100% safe to add to residential spaces. They are made using certified glass and have no mercury or lead.

You can check out the available colors of our colored LED G45 bulbs online or by dropping us a line using the quote form.

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