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LED tube lights for T8 perfection

Meet the lights that have revolutionized the lighting concept – the one that’s central to commercial offices and residential spaces. LED tube lights by Morebulb emit a higher brightness level than your old T8 tubes while consuming less energy. This is a replacement option that couldn’t be any better.

Our T8-style LED tubes are engineered to showcase efficiency at up to 24W. They come with one-end or two-end power supplies. With their diversified color temperatures and a beam angle of 180°, you can customize your lighting to fit any desired atmosphere and area.

What makes Morebulb’s LED tube bulbs catch the eye

Compared to old T8 lighting systems, our tubes pack 30,000 hours of faultless illumination and perform for improved energy consumption – up to 80%. In addition to their ultra-energy efficiency, our tubular products deserve to be at the forefront of your lighting project thanks to:

  • Versatility. With their length varying from 60 to 150 cm, the LED tubes for sale can be used in all types of premises – from lighting up offices, stores, and living rooms to shining in task-oriented areas like kitchens.
  • Sustainability. The bulbs don’t contain toxic materials, making them much more ecologically sound than conventional T8 fixtures. They also help limit your carbon footprint while keeping the air in your premises clean. 
  • Brightness. Designed for 110-130V/220-240V input voltage and a wattage range of 9W to 24W, our LED tube light bulbs boast lumen outputs of up to 100Lm/W. They emit three times as much light per watt as other tubular units, making them ideal for illuminating larger spaces. Plus, they provide better color rendering with no flickering, humming, or dimming, allowing you to view colors as they appear in natural lighting.

As for the wattage/brightness ratio, it’s crucial to consider the room you (or your customers) will use the tubes in. A too-small fixture won’t be useful, while a too-bright illumination mode can be overwhelming.

Aside from the practical benefits, our LED tubes can earn points with you aesthetically. Their slim design looks elegant in almost any setting.

Quality control coordinated by the best LED tube light supplier

Our production is certified in China and meets international standards sustained by LED tube lamp manufacturers. Quality control is to Morebulb what efficient illumination is to you: it’s the fundamental thing we are here for. Every tube undergoes testing at pre-production, sampling, and final stages before leaving our facilities to serve your purpose while being compatible with existing fixtures and systems.

Depending on whether you purchase our products for your home or business, you can qualify for retail or wholesale LED tube light deals. What applies universally is that you get reliable performance and safety out of every bulb.

Because of our streamlined manufacturing process, Morebulb can offer exceptional value for your money, rarely seen with other LED tube distributors. You can discover this value with our standard fixtures or OEM products.

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