T8 tube light 9W 14W 18W 24W

T8 LED tube light with the same size as normal T8 fluorescent tube. It is a good replacement for old tubes. Saving much more energy and offering more working lifetime.

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T shape



Type of cover

white pc


LED smd

Intended use



14W, 18W, 24W, 9W

Product details

Type  T8
Volt 110-130V/220-240V
Watt  9W,14W,18W,24W
Lumens  100Lm/W
Power supply One end or both ends
Color temperature RGB+CW
Base G13
Dimmable No
Beam Angle  180°
Diameter  26mm
Length 60cm,90cm,120cm,150cm

9W/14W/18W/24W T8 tube lights – The best replacement option

Are you tired of working in the shadows of dull and flickering lights? Buy T8 LED tube lights (9W/14W/18W/24W) and let your rooms shine brighter than a diamond. They are the best to banish shadows and make your commercial area more energy-efficient.

Morebulb’s T8 tube lights offer a soft, warm glow that is sure to brighten up any factory, warehouse space, office, or hospital. The installation will never be a tall order with their slim profile and basic lamp body for the G13 socket. Plus, the lights are designed to last up to 30,000 hours, so they are your permanent replacement for years.

These T8 lights are:

  • Smart replacement. Electricity bills will never cast a shadow on your bottom line. Our T8 lights use advanced LED technology, saving up to 80% more energy than fluorescent tubes.
  • Long-lasting alternative. Our T8 LED lights have a lifetime that’s brighter than a supernova. Enter up to 30,000 hours, which is enough to shine for 3.5 years without ever switching off. Order T8 tube lights (9W/14W/18W/24W) and enjoy consistent, luminous lighting without hiccups.
  • Nod to eco-friendliness. Choosing these lights allows the eco-conscious to join the green revolution. Morebulb’s T8 tubes contain no harmful substances, and you won’t need to replace them often. This bodes well for your waste and carbon footprint reduction efforts without compromising the illumination.
  • Flicker-free visibility. No more waiting for the lamp to catch up! The T8 tube LED lights (9W/14W/18W/24W) for sale light up in a split second without the annoying flicker that often plagues fluorescent tubes. You can immediately improve visibility in any commercial setting.

Order T8 tube lights (9W/14W/18W/24W) from Morebulb

Whether you’re upgrading an office or an auto repair shop, our T8 tube lights will shine in every setting. Their standard size and easy-installation design are suitable for most commercial facilities, but you can also ask Morebulb to modify your tubes. Put this down in your quote request.

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