High Lumen A60 14W 1521Lm

Compact size but more brightness . It can easily replace old edison bulbs 100W .Good dimmable capacity .No flicker .

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Type  A60
Voltage 110-130V/220-240V
Watt 14W
Lumens  1521Lm
Equivalent 100W incandescent bulb
Color temperature 3000K-6500K
Base E27
Dimmable Yes
Beam Angle 220°
Diameter  60mm
Height  120mm

What is the main feature of this item?

  • Environmental & Eye-caring Light – Selected quality materials No mercury , no harmful ultraviolet, Lead free.
    No flickering light well protect your eyes .
  • Super High Lumens efficiency ,110lm per watt – we use high lumens LEDs to make our A60 light bulbs.
    Comparing with standard 14W lamp , it makes total 1521lm against standard 1100lm. It gives off more brightness.
    Meantime ,it saves your electric bill.
  • Nice color available –We offer three different color . Warm white in 3000K , cool white in 4000K , Daylight in 6500k.
    You can choose the ideal lamp as you like.
  • Long Lasting– Offering over 25,000 life hours – 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lights .The unique technology
    of cooling system ensures the lamp is working stably under proper temperature.
    No worrying about the replacement frequently.
  • E27 base –It is suitable for most of light fixtures. Just only need to screw off old bulb and easily put our lamp in the fixture

What is your concern about a lamp?

  • Are you annoying bulbs with short lifespan or even burnt out after few days working ?
    All our lamps should passed the test in Oven with high temperature above 80 degree . Lamp will be working in the oven for 

    at least one week , No stop . If they are successfully survival in this extreme environment , their final life hours will be over 25,000 hours .
  • Are you worrying about the light that is not good for eyes ?
    Some light is always flickering . but it is invisiable to the naked eyes. It is easy . Take your phone ,and use the camara to focus on the lamp .
    You will see a lot of black shadow moving quickly . It means this lamp does not pass flickering frequency test . We use professional technology
    to remove the flickering . All our lamp have passed strict test. It is a good product for eye-care .
  • Are you always in doubt that the brightness will decresse in short time ?
    Some lamp will give off very bright light at the begainning.Unfortunately , it will becomes darker and darker in short time. Because they use
    wrong LED beans .Its lumens depreciation is too much. More , cooling system of this lamp has problem . Our lamp use high quality LED beans.
    Rated lumens value can maintain 98% after working 1,000h . Temperature inside lamp house is strictly controlled in proper range.

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