How to find a real 100W equivalent LED bulb?

Sometimes, when we want to install new LED bulb to a light fixture, we found that the brightness is not so enough. Well, the best solution is to change a new LED bulb with higher power and more brightness . The problem is that the size of new bulb is too big. It can not be installed to the fixed fixture. So how can we do ? Is there any bulb with smaller size but much more brightness ?

Answer is definite. Some LED bulb factory develop this kind of high lumens efficiency LED bulb. It has the same size of normal bulbs.but much brighter. For example, A60 LED bulb is very common product. the standard size is 60mm( diameter)X120mm( height). Usually , the max watt is 12W, it can get max brightness 1050lm. If we want to get more than 1050lm , we have to change bigger size A70 ,or A80 LED bulb.

But here we introduce a special A60 LED bulb, the size is the same as standard one .It is 14W, brightness is 1600lm. It can easily replace traditional edision bulb 100W.

Why it can be higher watt for much higher lumens? Is there any heating problem inside lamp? Comparing with standard lamp, let’s see the main difference.

Firstly, the material is different.
The lamp house is made from Die-casting aluminium, not like normal lamp with plastic house.Because aluminium can dissipate more heat inside lamp.

Secondly, It has better cooling system.
This lamp is applied thermal conductive adhesive in lamp house. It ensures LEDs and LED driver are working under stable heating environment. Thus , the lamp will have longer lifetime.

Lastly,High lumens efficiency LEDs is applied.
Normal LEDs only has 80lm per watt. But this kind of LEDs has much more lumens 115lm per watt. It largely improves the brightness.

So this A60 LED bulb is really a perfect substitue for traditional 100W edison bulb. Of course , 125W ,150W ,175W equivalent LED bulbs are all available .

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