Why your Led bulbs are always flickering?

led bulbs flickering

Sometimes , when you switch on the light , bulbs will be flickering rapidly . This flicker is very obviously with our human eyes . But another kind of flicker is not detected . You have to use a special equipment to test it . From Below test report , you can see the percent of flicker is 91.10%.But you can not see it with bare eyes .

led light test report
Flickering test report

This is the problem now . But is there any easy solution to check the flicker without such a special test equipment ? Yes , it has . Everyone can do it . Use your phone camera ,focus on the light bulb.( Note that the bulbs should be switched on ) . You will see a lot of black shadow bar appears on the camera . If the shadow bar moves quickly , it means the percent of flicker t is large .

Of course , light flicker is not good in your life . Your eyesight will be harmed. if you are or have been living with flickering lights, you likely understand they are more than just a simple inconvenience. Electricity is what keeps your home safe and comfortable. When issues arise, this puts your home, family, and well-being in jeopardy.

So we have to know why such a bulb are always flickering ?

1 , LED driver

All LED bulbs are powered by LED driver . If the bulbs contains a RC ( risistance  capacitance ) driver , Flicker will be 100% happened . Because of its lower cost , most of producers use this solution . So what’s the better driver . IC driver is OK . Most of IC driver is Zero flickering . Like the bulbs in Morebulb.com , every bulb is produced with excellent driver , they are almost no flickering .

2 , Dimmer switch

One of the most common flickering is caused by dimmer switch. LED bulbs in the market can be compatible with 80% of existing dimmer switch . Some dimmer switch is very old , which is used for traditional incandescent bulbs . If you put a new LED bulb in the socket and turn on the dimmer switch , flicker will be visible . It is better to upgrade your dimmer switches if it is happened .

3 , Voltage instability

When the voltage is not stable , the electric current of your bulbs will be up and down .

The flickering will happens. When voltage is stable , flickering will stop . Is there any solution to solve this problem ? whatever is the voltage , light will keep the same without any flickering ? In fact , producer just need to put a resistor in the circuit inside  the bulbs , flickering will not happened anymore .

4 , Improper contact of bulb and socket

If the bulb is not tightened and into loosely the socket , This can result in inconsistent connections, as well as regular flickering. Even recessed lights can loosen , so turn off the power and check the connections first,  using a glove to protect your hand from heat, screw the bulb in more tightly.

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