Slim tube T28 10W E14 dimmable

Mini tubal bulb with E14 base with super high lumens. Good dimmable capacity .It can be used in different light fixture .

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Product details

Type  T28
Voltage 220-240V
Watt 10W
Lumens  1000 Lm
Equivalent 100W incandescent bulb
Color temperature 3000K
Base E14
Dimmable Yes
Beam Angle  360°
Diameter  28mm
Height  110mm

What is the main feature of this item?

  • Environmental & Eye-caring Light – Selected quality materials No mercury , no harmful ultraviolet, Lead free.
    No flickering light well protect your eyes .
  • Super High Lumens efficiency ,110lm per watt – we use high lumens LEDs to make our T28 light bulbs.
    Comparing with standard 9W lamp , it makes total 1000lm against standard 720lm. It has big advantage about brightness.
    Save electric bill but you can get more brightness.
  • Good Dimming Function – It can match well 90% of dimmer in the market. The light changes smoothly and softly.
    No flickering. The reason is that we had made hundreds of tests and chose a professional technology driver. 
  • Long Lasting– Offering over 25,000 life hours – 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lights .The unique technology
    of cooling system ensures the lamp is working stably under proper temperature.
    No worrying about the replacement frequently.
  • E14 Base for higher power lamp – E14 base is usually available for the lamp with max watt 7W. And the brightness is no more
    than 600lm . But we offer the option if you want to look a lamp with E14 base with higher power and higher lumens .

What is your concern about a lamp?

  • Are you annoying bulbs with short lifespan or even burnt out after few days working ?
    All our lamps should passed the test in Oven with high temperature above 80 degree . Lamp will be working in the oven for 

    at least one week , No stop . If they are successfully survival in this extreme environment , their final life hours will be over 25,000 hours .
  • Are you worrying about the light that is not good for eyes ?
    Some light is always flickering . but it is invisiable to the naked eyes. It is easy . Take your phone ,and use the camara to focus on the lamp .
    You will see a lot of black shadow moving quickly . It means this lamp does not pass flickering frequency test . We use professional technology
    to remove the flickering . All our lamp have passed strict test. It is a good product for eye-care .
  • Are you always in doubt that the brightness will decresse in short time ?
    Some lamp will give off very bright light at the begainning.Unfortunately , it will becomes darker and darker in short time. Because they use
    wrong LED beans .Its lumens depreciation is too much. More , cooling system of this lamp has problem . Our lamp use high quality LED beans.
    Rated lumens value can maintain 98% after working 1,000h . Temperature inside lamp house is strictly controlled in proper range.

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