Cooker Hood Light Bulb

Cooker hood bulbs for a lighting source where you need it most

Whether you’re manufacturing kitchen cooker hoods or just looking for an experienced and reliable supplier of cooker hood lightbulbs, Morebulb offers unbeatable lamps that are perfect for any hood. We have been producing them since the mid-80s and are the first to introduce refrigerator light bulbs, subsequently developing cooperation with renowned home appliance brands.

Today, we keep working as an OE cooker hood light bulb manufacturer. We know you are doing everything it takes to be a well-reputed and trustworthy brand or retailer in your region and value each of your customers. With all this in mind, we will be happy to produce high-quality cooker hood lighting for you in GU10 and T25 configurations.

Wholesale bulbs for cooker hoods crafted with an unsurpassed eye for detail

Over the past decades, Morebulb has acquired vast experience in the lamp industry and is a top-rated lighting manufacturer for residential and business needs. We can produce 350,000 LED bulbs per month and keep your options varied with different types, shapes, and sizes. Our products are made with the highest-quality base and coverage materials, are completely non-toxic and are rigorously tested to ensure safety and durability.

We test every bulb for the cooker hood before production, during the manufacturing process, and after its completion. The flawless quality of our bulbs is confirmed by both the internal QC department and international certificates. When buying bulbs from us, you can be 100% sure you are purchasing a product of seamless quality. 

What’s in our product range?

Cooker hood bulbs by Morebulb are designed to provide optimum illumination for your cooker hood and are available in various wattages to suit your specific requirements. From 2W to 25W, our units can be installed in all hoods and ovens.

Morebulb produces bulbs for kitchen hoods in bulk using the following technologies:

  • LED strip filament bulbs: These are great for 360-degree illumination, allowing you to view every nook and cranny of the hood.
  • LED SMD bulbs: These units can be set up to emit white shades of light and a multi-color range while doubling as decorative elements.

Either cooker hood lamp type is energy-efficient and lets you cut electricity bills for buyers, giving a competitive edge for your products. Depending on the type, our lights have a color temperature of 2700-6500K so that you can adjust the gentleness of light for your ovens. When it comes to shipping, they can be packed in cartons of up to 1,000 pieces. However, you can discuss specific shipping conditions with our specialists when submitting an inquiry.

The most common socket types are available for our light bulbs for the cooker hood:

  • GU10 – previously used for halogen lamps and replaced today by LED lamps
  • E14 – ideal for popular T25 T-shaped lamps

If you have questions when deciding to start cooperation, our friendly team is always happy to answer them. We’re here to ensure you get perfect cooker hood lighting for your customers!

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